How can you become friendly with the environment even if you are low on budget?

Girlandă luminoasă decorativă

The climate changes have become a global emergency, especially during this period. A great deal of help would be for us to more eco-friendly each day, as much as we could. Therefore we, at #to-Day, use glass containers and encourage recycling and reusing them in different ways. For example, how can you use them to build an ecosystem on your balcony or how easily can you make a decorative lighted garland from a few #to-Day smoothie bottles.

What happens when you want to be more friendly with the environment, but you do not have any budget allowed for it? If you asked yourself what are the things that you do not need to spend a lot of money on, but that can help the environment, we came to the rescue with some examples. The easiest and the cheapest ways to help the planet:

Make your own coffee at home

Or if you want to buy yourself a coffee to go from the city, take your own mug (from home) with you. Using recycled cups or your own mugs will certainly help the environment much more and will reduce the use of the 16 million paper cups each year. And the mugs are a good deal for the baristas, cause they can play freely with the coffee drawing. On the same note, a bottle of water with a built-in-filter that you can reuse is a good purchase. You can fill it up everytime you leave home and you don’t have to buy new plastic bottles for your water.

Take your own recycled bags from home

More and more supermarket chains and stores gave up the plastic bags and they advise us to use the reusable ones – that you can buy from them and use them each time you go shopping in their store or, why not, even at the marketplace or other food store. Carry one with you every time you go out, thinking that you may end up at a store on your way back home.

Use the bicycle more instead of the car

One way of cutting the household costs, but also helping the environment is to reduce the harmful emissions of your own vehicle. You can ride your bike or take your rollerblades, or you can just walk if it is not a long distance. When you go a long way, you can take with you in the car at least 2-3 people and save some money, but also help the environment to get rid of an extra car or two. At the same time, the emissions could be reduced with the help of electric cars, that are so easy to rent right now.

Save money and help the environment too!