to-Day’s discovery: Exotic Smoothie

Girlandă luminoasă decorativă

In the mornings I just want to sleep, hence i don’t have enough time to prepare a proper breakfast, so I go at a supermarket, at the smoothies section and sometimes choose the bottle that caughts my attention. This was how I discovered #deAzi smoothies, and it was almost love at first sight. Mango, oranges and passion fruit. Exotic. This kind of combo, between fruits that are sweet, but also a little bit sour, it gives me the proper energy for a sleepy morning.

And I was not wrong. Cold, refreshing and more than enough for a small breakfast on a chaotic day. With almost no fats in a strong composition like a fruit sauce, in which you don’t even feel the sugar. It is such a consistent mix that it almost offers you a fourth unfamilliar taste of fruit.

Exotic is the smoothie that creates the perfect balance between the view of a seaside and a spent at the office. You could drink it on a Monday, but also on a lazy Sunday morning. Totally recommend it!

Tastes of toDay by Andra Nicula