Recycling isn’t anymore the task of some great industrial polluters.
We all have an impact on nature and every one of us must assume our environmental footprint and responsibility.

Decorative lighted garland

Decorative lighted garland Decorative lighted garland

Do you need a little bit of warm light in your house? Look how easy you can get it with only three elements. For a decorative lighted garland, you will be needing: a meter of lighted garland, special colours for decorating the glass and 5-6 bottles of to-Day smoothies.

Assembly time: 15 minutes

How to DYI:

Get ready with 5-6 bottles of to-Day smoothies, remove the label and wash them properly. Then, with the help of special vivid colours for the glass paint the bottles as you wish. You can choose the colours according to the season or your mood. Put the glasses one next to the other so the lighted garland will spread beautifully inside the bottles. Place them in your favourite corner of the house and enjoy the warm light that they spread.

The small terranium

The small terranium The small terranium

Are you a plant lover? Build yourself a little nature oasis in one of to-Day soup jars. For your little eco-system, you will be needing: a handful of marble pebbles, 150 g of mould, a few jars of to-Day soup and of course, your favourite flower. We chose the orchid.

Assembly time: 20 minutes

How to DYI:

In one of the to-Day soup jars add marble pebbles layer or another type of pebbles that you prefer, of small diameter. This layer has the role of keeping the roots of the plant in favourable conditions. Make sure that it is very well laid-down. The next layer will be the soil one. Each plant will need a certain amount of soil, big enough to fit into place, but also to help it grow. At the same time, the amount of soil must be more than half of the jar.

Depending on the flower/plant, you can keep the terrarium in the shade or in the sun.

Flower troopers

Flower troopers Flower troopers

A flower arrangement is perfect for each season! Get inspired from this easy decoration made from smoothie bottles. For the flower string you will need: a rope (cord) of around 1cm diameter, flowers from grandmother’s garden and bottles of to-Day smoothies.

Assembly time: 15 minutes

How to DYI:

Discover the artist in yourself after you drink to-Day smoothies! Either you visit your grandmother’s garden, or you choose to go to the market, buy the most colourful flowers to put into small bouquets for each and every smoothie bottle that you have around. If the colours are not an inspiration, we’ll have some recommendations for you: green suits yellow, but red should not be left aside of this combo.
Make sure to wrap the piece of rope at the top of the bottle with a strong knot so it will not slip. You should have for each bottle around 15-20 cm of rope on the side so you can fix it wherever you want: on the wall, on a thick rope, on a closet etc.

The last touch: put the flowers in the bottles and fill them with cold water. Voila!