Building an ecosystem on your balcony

Girlandă luminoasă decorativă

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Audrey Hepburn

Sometimes it is not necessary to hop in a car and drive until the nearest forest or natural reservation to enjoy the true meaning of nature. Surprisingly, there is the possibility to benefit of a green space even when you live in a block of flats. Even the smallest balcony can be turned into a in a small and friendly oasis, one that you can enjoy as much as a garden.

One of the biggest problems of living in big cities has become the limited space and the fight for green spaces. Most of the population spend a lot of time indoors, without enjoying the Sun and the fresh air. At the same time, the spaces that could become friendly, for example, the balconies, are unusable. They get the most useless storages and they are not at all a place in which we enjoy staying. How would it be like to enjoy the sunrays of the Sun and have around you a small paradise right on your balcony?

Let’s give the Earth what is his. Let’s help the climate changes. Let’s encourage the nature and the biodiversity even on our balconies and let’s set up a more useful space for the environment. There are better resources that will help you create a balanced ecosystem. Here are just a few tips and tricks of how you can implement them.

  • The balconies have a limited space and weight. What is there to be done? First, tidy up

Get rid of all the stuff that you don’t need any more. Make room for some plants and some accessories that could make your balcony even more spacious than it already is. Sort everything that you stored on your balcony and see if there are for any use or you should give them away

  • Recycle and reuse the glass recipients to obtain more space

Because the space is still a problem in the apartments, use the window boxes with suspended plants. This will give your balcony a more free and easy side. At the same time, recycle and reuse the glass recipients that you use as Flower Troopers. Paint or decorate them with accessories that will make them even more attractive and use anything that you folded up over time that can help you redecorate.

  • Organize your plants on stand-up

The shelves situated on stand-up allow you more space in which you can display your flowers. They have a layered aspect and it gives them space for each flowerpot, decorative or not.

  • Use natural insect powder and organic fertilizer

The chemical products are overused and a threat for the environment, even though their usage brings a quicker result. Look for natural insect powder in specialty stores and try to use as many organic substances for the fertilizer. For example, for the window boxes plants and flowerpots you can use as fertilizers some cheap and natural alternatives: coffee grounds that contain several minerals and vitamins: phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and banana peels that you can use as a fertilizer with a low decomposing on a long period of time.

  • Grow some plants that you can later eat

Parsley, mint, coriander, ginger, pepper. Any little plant that you could be proudly growing on your balcony, besides the fact that it will brighten your days, you will be also able to add it to your meals. What could be more satisfying?