Tonic Smoothie

The super-fruit of The Fruit of Love, pomegranate is an ancient fruit, that became famous in the last half of century due to its countless benefits. Pomegranate is very high in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, A and E and also in folic acid and it helps improving our blood circulation system and providing also significant anti-ageing benefits.


Tonic Smoothie

Not having a famous nickname, blueberries have though the highest level of anti-oxidants from all the fruits on Earth. They also contain vitamin C, B and A and minerals, with anti-bacterial benefits and stronger immunity. Cranberries also help for a healthy digestion, reduces belly fat and provides positive effects for the nervous system and for the heart.


Tonic Smoothie

One of the oldest fruits on Earth, banana provides a significant amount of Potassium, helpful to the cardio-respiratory system. Banana is also an important source of energy for those active in gym, with its high level of calories and carbohydrates. It contains tryptophan, a compound of serotonin, which gives us a lasting and positive mindfulness.