Exotic Smoothie

With a happy nickname as the fruit of happiness, mango is rich in nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, A and fibres but in also folic acid, minerals, potassium and calcium. All these organic compounds from mango provide us major benefits for our skin, for a healthy seeing and a stronger immune system.


Exotic Smoothie

Definitely the famous fruit of the citric family, the orange is one of the most important allies of our immune system.
Being extremely low in calories but significant high in nutrients, the orange has many consistent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits for our body, as stimulating collagen for preventing wrinkles and skin ageing.


Exotic Smoothie

Maracuja, the South-American nickname of passion fruit, is one of the most delicious tropical fruits, providing an important source of Vitamin A, C and also Iron. High in ascorbic acid, Potassium and fibres, passion fruits help us protecting our digestive system and boosting a positive mindfulness.